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  • You don't need a beach to have a surfer's soul
  • You don't need a beach to have a surfer's soul
    El Condor, Creative Commons (2011) ©

Teen America: the Coasties

From Fangirls to JK Poppers, the US is home to a range of teen subcultures. In the first of a series exploring American Gen Y and Z tribes, Andrea Graham – founder of Youth Tribes – delves into the sun-bleached world of Coasties. How is this group redefining the beach and action sports enthusiast?

Location United States

California dreaming has long held a powerful grasp over the psyche of American youth. From beach music and neon surfwear to sun-bleached hair and teeny bikinis, the surfer and skater lifestyle has been synonymous with endless summers and trendsetting cool. Surf culture alone is worth an estimated $6.3 billion in the US, and the global surf industry – including surfing gear and lifestyle clothing – could generate more than $13 billion by 2017. [1]

But today’s surfer girls and skater boys, or ‘Coasties’, are quite different from the archetypes developed by brands like Rip Curl ...



  • Article image Billabong: getting back on the surfboard

    The surfers on Byron Bay used to dress head to toe in Billabong; those baggy board shorts and iconic backpacks were the epitome of cool. Since its glory days, the brand had fallen out of favour. But 2015 saw its first profit in years. What changed? And how can Billabong keep its head above water?

  • Article image Chubbies: a start-up brand for the neo frat boy

    Anyone who’s seen an American college movie is familiar with the stereotypical frat boy; excessive boozing, scantily clad sorority girls and fierce camaraderie define him. It’s nostalgia for such ‘bromance’ culture which is the driving force behind San Francisco-based shorts brand Chubbies. But how did these tiny shorts manage to unite a ‘bro’-based style cult?

  • Article image What does a cool kid look like?

    For today's youth, neo-tribalism is the new clique. Leaving blind conformity behind, these fast-moving, flexible cultures are a cocktail of affiliations and references, always shifting and reforming. But if everyone can be whoever they like, how do you know who’s in or out?

  • Rip Curl goes surfing with wearable tech Rip Curl goes surfing with wearable tech

    Rip Curl has announced a new piece of wearable technology: the 'Rip Curl Search' GPS. The service lets surfers relive every wave they catch when surfing via a watch that syncs with a companion app. Rip Curl hopes that the platform will revolutionise the way people surf.