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  • Have the likes of Google, Facebook and Amazon become too powerful?
  • Have the likes of Google, Facebook and Amazon become too powerful?
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Is the internet always the answer?

With the news of Samsung spying through televisions, Ford bugging cars and yesterday’s internet wunderkinds – Google, Facebook, Amazon – feeling like today’s big corporates, internet critic Andrew Keen gives his views on potential digital dystopias in his book The Internet Is Not The Answer.

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We live in the digital age – a period which matches or surpasses the Industrial Revolution in terms of humanity’s growth. But while digital advances have transformed the way we communicate, shop and work, are these changes for the better?

Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, believed that the internet had the potential to change the world positively, making it more equal and open. But governments, industrial figures and, crucially, users themselves are voicing concerns. A 2013 survey found that 48% of US citizens didn’t trust Google with their private information, while more than 60% ...



  • Article image What happens when we die online?

    Our 'online lives' are about more than witty tweets and holiday photos on Facebook; we bank online, we shop online, we find love online and we seek advice online. It's not just about data, either. It includes digital assets – from music to Bitcoin. What happens to all that information when we die? 

  • Article image Who wants to live a monitored life?

    Over 60% of Brits want to see more CCTV in their local area, but 86% of internet users have taken steps to remove or mask their digital footprints. With such a difference in attitudes, we're living in ‘the privacy paradox’. But if we care so much, why do we share so much?

  • Article image Social networking in secret

    The growing number of anonymous communication platforms highlights the importance and scale of the desire for privacy online. Anonymity has gained a sense of authenticity and safety – and only by understanding this can brands continue to communicate effectively.

  • Article image Plugged in: thriving and surviving in the digital age

    Digital is becoming a firm fixture in our daily lives. Theorist Tom Chatfield explains the ways in which technology intersects human nature, and how we're adapting to this new landscape.