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  • Women’s football is kicking men’s into touch
  • Women’s football is kicking men’s into touch
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Nike's World Cup Kit: Women's Football is top of the league

Nike has unveiled the new shirt for the US women’s football team; it’s clean and simple. But the real significance? It comes in men’s sizes. Women’s football is the fastest growing sport in the world, but the industry has under-served females for years. What does this mean for the industry?

Location North America / Northern Europe

Nike has released the US women’s team’s football shirt for the upcoming World Cup to much acclaim. However, the applause wasn’t reserved for the bold design, but because Nike is selling the jersey in men’s sizes for the first time.

The interest in women’s football is at an all time high. And with ladies activewear worth almost $34 billion in the US in 2014, women are now the drivers in a market where they spent decades as an afterthought. [1] "The industry has under-served women for years," says Matt Powell, a sports industry analyst at ...



  • Pam Pam promises to give girls their kicks

    Pam Pam promises to give girls their kicks

    It’s not a foot fetish, it’s just all about the trainers. Ladies trainers. Pam Pam is a sneaker store set to open in London’s East end. Not limited to footwear, the women-only store promises to stock all an athletic girl could want to accessorise – from jewellery to gym equipment.

  • Athleisure is here to stay

    Athleisure is here to stay

    Now that athleisure is a bona fide style movement, you can fashionably leave your house in yoga pants. Whether we like it or not, this trend is here to stay, as Americans have gotten too comfortable in their socially acceptable sweats to give them up anytime soon.

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    The Green Soccer Journal: a new niche of football fandom

    For many lads in the UK, football is key to their upbringing. More than half a billion people watched the FA Cup final in 2013 – sports fans are a formidable group. But is rampant misogyny, hooliganism, and heavy drinking really the hallmarks of a modern footy fan?

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    lululemon: are you a believer?

    Yoga apparel brand lululemon has achieved record sales by employing a combination of scarcity marketing, fanatical sales teams and self-help teachings.