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  • Do we want brands to know when we are sleeping?
  • Do we want brands to know when we are sleeping?
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Do we want brands to know our every measurement?

The Apple Watch launched in April 2015 with an array of sensors to measure a user’s pulse, movement and location. Touted as a health and productivity aid, the watch is the most mainstream product to gather bodily data in the form of biometrics. But should brands know our every measurement?

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In April 2015, Apple launched its much-anticipated smartwatch, boasting an array of sensors to measure a user’s heart rate, movement and location. The watch is touted as a health and productivity aid, with apps that can count calories burned and vibrate as a reminder to take a jog. [1

Having revolutionised the market for MP3 players, tablets and smartphones, the tech giant’s venture into wearables may mean a new dawn in the use of biometrics – technologies that measure and analyse bodily information (DNA, fingerprints, voice patterns, etc.) for a range of purposes including security, health ...



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