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  • Could ByHours dispel the stigma attached to daytime stays?
    Pedro Ribeiro Simões, Creative Commons (2006) ©

ByHours: book a hotel by the hour

Day rates were once only found at seedy motels, but Barcelona-based start-up ByHours is partnering with high-end hotels across Europe to offer short stays to the next generation of business travellers looking to freshen up, take a nap and reply to emails before an important meeting or afternoon flight.

Location Europe

Gen Yers are growing up fast, and the next industry to really feel their impact is hospitality. They’re already 50% more likely to travel for business than the over 35s, and by 2025 they’ll represent 75% of the workforce. In less than two years, they’re set to overtake Boomers as the biggest spenders on hotels. [1][2]

From CitizenM to Marriott’s Moxy, hotel chains are developing new concepts that cater to this budget-conscious, design-worshiping generation. These properties are more revenue-efficient and are expected to increase profits until at least 2020, but occupancy is still ...



  • Article image Flight Tonight: last-minute trips for spontaneous travellers

    Last-minute holidays account for around £26 billion annually, while one in three in the UK thinks they have a “spontaneous personality”. Can Flight Tonight, an app that offers the cheapest flights departing at nearby airports in just a few hours, cater to these risky travellers?

  • Suitcase concierge for business travellers Suitcase concierge for business travellers

    Nearly 60% of travellers are unhappy with business travel, and 20% say they would turn down a job if it requires them to fly often. Packnada aims to ease stress by offering luggage-free travel to frequent flyers in Singapore - you can hop on a plane with just your passport.

  • Sell your unwanted hotel room Sell your unwanted hotel room

    Roomer is an online marketplace that allows people to sell unwanted, and often non-refundable, hotel reservations. The marketplace cuts hotels out of the equation and sees customers dealing directly with one another. But what does this mean for the hotel industry?

  • Article image Local luxury with onefinestay

    At a time when comparison sites see hotels losing their spark, 'unhotel' service onefinestay allows well-heeled travellers to live like locals in luxurious surroundings.