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  • Could our iPhones soon save our lives?
    Alex Proimos, Creative Commons (2012) ©

ResearchKit: Apple’s not keeping the doctor away

Tucked into the pockets of 44 million people in the US alone, iPhones have become our lives – and now they could save them, too. Apple’s ResearchKit is a platform for creating apps that collect medical data and it's got potential to completely alter personalised medicine and mobile health.

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Thought your iPhone was capable of everything already? Well now that may be true. “ResearchKit is an absolute game changer,” says Apple CEO Tim Cook. [1] An open source platform, ResearchKit turns the iPhone into a powerful tool for medical research. It helps scientists and researchers create sophisticated user-facing apps that collect data for studies and it has the potential to vastly improve medical research.

With the average cost of a medical trial nearly £8,000 per patient in the UK, funding is just one issue facing medical research teams. [2] Progress can also be ...



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