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  • Brazilians spend 8% of their budget on cleaning and personal hygiene products
  • Brazilians spend 8% of their budget on cleaning and personal hygiene products
    Gustavo Gomes, Creative Commons (2010) ©

Webhome: helping with the help in Brazil

Brazilians are obsessed with cleanliness, but they're not so big on doing the dirty work themselves – Brazil has more domestic workers than anywhere else in the world. Once an unregulated industry, a new law has given its 7.2 million workers rights. And services are popping up to help organise the help.

Location Brazil

Brazil has more domestic workers than any other country in the world.  It’s currently dealing with the consequences of the first law in its history to ever regulate this sector. Standing since 2013, the ‘maid's law’ has brought huge changes to the relationship between employers and employees. Rights and benefits have been introduced to a sector in which 7.2 million people work, of which only 30% were employed with a regular contract. [1]

Used to dealing informally with domestic work, many employers – mostly middle class families – found themselves in need of help with ...



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