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  • Who wants to pack their own bags?
  • Who wants to pack their own bags?
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Do we really hate self-service?

People love to grumble about supermarket self-service machines. In fact 93% of UK shoppers claim to find them frustrating. But while consumers rant and rave when surveyed, statistics show that more people are using self-service than ever before. So do we really hate serving ourselves?

Location United Kingdom

If you ask the average person what they think of supermarket self-service machines, chances are, their response won’t be pretty. In fact 93% of UK shoppers find them frustrating. [1] That infuriating phrase – “unexpected item in bagging area” – is enough to send any supermarket shopper into a tailspin of rage. And combined with the fact you need to get approval when buying alcohol, self-service often seems like more trouble than it’s worth.

Self-checkouts may have been enthusiastically embraced by supermarkets and other retailers at the tail-end of the noughties, but consumers have never ...



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