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  • Curly, coarse hair; be gone
  • Curly, coarse hair; be gone
    Bevel (2014) ©

Bevel: speciality shaving for African Americans

Around 80% of African American men suffer from painful razor bumps. The most effective solution? Give up shaving altogether. But for those that favour a clean shave, that’s not necessarily a feasible option. Can Bevel disrupt the shaving market and become the Procter & Gamble for black people’?

Location United States

The ethnic makeup of the US has reached a significant milestone. For the first time in the nation’s history, the majority of babies being born are not white. [1] This shift will impact everything from education to healthcare to politics. And it’s an opportunity for brands to step up and meet the needs of a changing demographic.

With the intent of becoming the Procter & Gamble for black people, Walker and Co. is a packaged-goods company that’s designing products to tackle problems more present among African, Asian and Hispanic Americans. Its first product to market ...



  • The afro takes centre stage at fashion week

    The afro takes centre stage at fashion week

    Wearing your hair in its natural state shouldn’t be much of a surprise. But black hair is so rarely seen on the catwalk without having been blown out or straightened, that when a black model appeared with an afro on the Prada runway, it became one of the most talked about moments of the season.

  • African dolls outselling Barbie in Nigeria

    African dolls outselling Barbie in Nigeria

    While Barbie has been a Western staple of girlhood for decades, she's not in Nigeria. Not any more. After realising that it was nearly impossible to buy a black doll in Nigeria, Taofick Okoyo started his own line of dolls called Queens of Africa - and they're more popular than Barbie.

  • Birth of the Latin American dream

    Birth of the Latin American dream

    Millennials have broadly been tarred with the same brush; they're a generation deemed self-entitled, narcissistic, lazy and – ultimately – unhappy. But, while in the West debate still circulates as to how accurate these labels are, new research shows they don't apply to Latino Gen Y.

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    Harry’s: hipster razors to challenge Gillette

    For many men, shaving is one of life's necessities, with 75% of American men shaving daily. But a marketing war between Gillette and Schick has created a razor market that's expensive and over-engineered. Selling cheaper, back-to-basics razors, can Harry's offer an alternative?