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  • Who wants to have an Argos party?
  • Who wants to have an Argos party?
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Argos Birthday Club: taking the pain out of kids’ party planning

Kids birthday parties are pricey. UK parents spend more than £200 on cake, entertainment and party bags each year. Argos has launched a Birthday Club to aid party-stricken parents, offering ideas, tips and 20% off party essentials. Could it become the go-to brand for setting birthdays off with a bang?

Location United Kingdom

It’s your child’s fifth Birthday next week. All they want – aside from a Frozen birthday cake and a light-up Elsa dress – is 30 of their school friends round for face painting festivities at your house, with the best party bags money can buy. But parties like these are stressful, time-consuming and – most importantly, for many – pricey.

Helping parents cut the costs of kids’ parties, Argos has launched a Birthday Club, offering party-stricken parents ideas, tips and 20% off party essentials. The high street chain hopes to become a one-stop-shop for children’s birthdays; from their first ...



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