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  • Protein has muscled its way into the mainstream
  • Protein has muscled its way into the mainstream
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Upbeat: a sports drink for ‘protein princesses’

Protein is no longer just for pumped-up gym boys, it’s for girls too. ‘Protein princesses’ – women who work out between four and five times a week – are driving sales of powders, shakes and bars. But how is shake brand Upbeat proving so popular with women both in and out of the gym?

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Protein isn’t just for beefy gym boys who spend hours each week pumping iron; it’s for girls, too. And no longer limited to tasteless powders kept in barrel-sized containers, protein fixes are increasingly coming in the shape of shakes, muffins and even ice cream.

Protein is the most fashionable food group going. It’s something toned gym bunnies eat, and it’s the ultimate weight loss cheat; protein keeps you feeling fuller for longer. It’s appealing to women who no longer see protein as something used to bulk up, but rather to tone down.

Upbeat shakes is unashamedly ...



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