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  • Providing Taiwan’s seniors with social connections
  • Providing Taiwan’s seniors with social connections
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Silverskill: giving seniors a sense of purpose

Taiwan is set to become Asia’s fastest-ageing nation. As part of a move to position itself as a knowledge leader for coping with an ageing society, Silverskill is a platform for retirees to pass on skills to younger generations. What's Taiwan doing right, and how can other nations follow suit?

Location Taiwan

Taiwan is ageing rapidly – by 2020, it will surpass Japan as Asia’s fastest ageing nation. And by 2025, it’s set to become a ‘hyper-aged’ society, with over 20% of its population over 65 – nearly double the current 11%. [1][2] This rate of change is alarming. In France, an increase in the proportion of retirees from 7% to 14% took 115 years, but in Taiwan, it will take just 24. [3]

An ageing population spells trouble. If Taiwan's working-age population continues to decline, economic growth is set to drop ...



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