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  • The easy way to get a designer interior
  • The easy way to get a designer interior
    Laurel & Wolf (2015) ©

Laurel & Wolf: designing Gen Y's dream home

Interior design has an exclusive ring to it. It conjures up images of high-end designers sourcing the priciest of homeware products. Laurel & Wolf intends to change that perception with crowdsourced, collaborative and affordable designers. But could it really make interior design available to everyone?

Location United States

The concept of interior design has an exclusive ring to it. It conjures up images of elitist services and high-end designers, paid to source avant-garde products with the highest of price tags. In the early noughties, the success of home improvement shows such as Extreme Makeover and Dress My Nest sparked a mainstream interest in interior design, but for the majority of viewers it was more daydream than reality. Now, the industry is transforming, enabling the mainstream consumer to take the reigns when designing their dream home.

Laurel & Wolf is at the forefront of this shift, offering a service where ...



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