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  • Stowaway, for women on the go, makes beauty products small enough to be slipped into a clutch
  • Stowaway, for women on the go, makes beauty products small enough to be slipped into a clutch
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Stowaway: ‘right size’ make-up for women on the go

Handbag real estate is in short supply. Women carry around 40 items in their bags – from iPhones, to spare knickers. Stowaway makes ‘right sized’ cosmetics; small enough to be slipped into a clutch. Can this tiny beauty brand disrupt the big players in a $60 billion beauty industry?

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The regular ‘make-up bag cull’ is a ritual carried out by women across the globe. Out goes the gloopy nail varnish, the dry mascara is immediately binned and half finished eyeshadows are given the boot. Most cosmetics are meant to be used within a year, and many beauty products expire before you’ve even managed to get half way down the tube.

Online beauty startup Stowaway is hoping to remove this problem by creating ‘right size’ products; “Make-up you love in sizes you can carry and finish before they expire.” Not to be confused with ‘travel’ or ‘tester’ ...



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