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  • At CirKiz dads and kids can rave together
  • At CirKiz dads and kids can rave together
    CirKiz (2015) ©

CirKiz: clubbing goes PG

No drugs, and there’s a nine-year-old behind the decks – clubbing in NYC isn’t what it used to be. Once a month, Manhattan club Cielo transforms into a family-friendly rave, complete with a light show and EDM soundtrack. What can CirKiz tell us about pleasing everyone in the family?

Location United States

No drugs. There’s a nine-year-old behind the decks. All adults must be accompanied by a child. Clubbing in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District isn’t what it used to be…

Once a month, hundreds of parents and children descend on Cielo – one of New York’s most established clubs – to hit a family-friendly, daytime rave. Complete with a quality sound system, arresting light show and EDM soundtrack, CirKiz simulates as authentic a club experience as the law permits (and 6-to 12-year-olds can handle).

As America rides the wave of EDM mega raves, it’d be easy to dismiss CirKiz ...



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