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  • Is Japan’s notorious lack of libido just a myth?
  • Is Japan’s notorious lack of libido just a myth?
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Are the Japanese really losing their mojo?

‘No sex please, we’re Japanese!’ Sensational headlines suggest that Japan’s sexual appetite is waning; half the population aren’t having sex. But as a country that boasts more sex establishments than there are McDonald’s outlets in America – with 1.4 million couples visiting them daily – is this lack of libido a myth?

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“Why have young people in Japan stopped having sex?” asks The Guardian. An alarming headline indeed. After publishing its speculations in 2013, the outlet was soon joined by The Huffington Post and The Washington Post, amongst a number of other outlets. Interviews with relationship counsellors, sex workers and even the Japan Family Planning Association (JFPA) intended to figure out why Japan’s youth are so turned off. [1]

The frenzy was spurred by a survey conducted by the JFPA, proclaiming that the young people in Japan can’t be bothered with sex. While almost half of women and 61% of men ...



  • Young Japanese choose cash over kisses Young Japanese choose cash over kisses

    They say that you never forget your first love, especially if it looks like a big wad of cold hard cash. Wait… what? According to a new survey, when asked whether love or money is more important, Japanese 20-somethings are firmly choosing cash over kisses.

  • ‘Marriage-hunting’ apartments for Japan’s singletons ‘Marriage-hunting’ apartments for Japan’s singletons

    In Japan, the percentage of unmarried people aged 30 to 34 has soared over the last 30 years – by 25.5%. 47% of men and 34.5% of women in this bracket are unmarried. A Tokyo real-estate company plans to solve Japan’s singles’ loneliness with konkatsu or “marriage hunting” apartments.

  • Article image The ‘femonomics’ of Asia

    Asia's growing economies are creating new opportunities, but how equal are they? How are labels used to categorise professional Asian women, and how can brands communicate with this powerful consumer demographic in a meaningful and relevant way?

  • Article image Alone together: Japan's new communal living

    Driven by an increasing sense of loneliness, Japan's young singles are moving into shared housing. Yet with so many struggling with social anxiety, how are these micro-communities forming?