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  • Just how many magazines can you read in one month?
  • Just how many magazines can you read in one month?
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Magzter: subscribe and stream magazines

The internet is overflowing with movies, songs and articles. Companies like Spotify and Netflix have recognised the value in packaging media into bundles. But does the model work for magazines? Subscription service Magzter is betting it does.

Location United States

The internet has replaced print with URLs and CD's with streaming tracks. Successful businesses have been built around packaging these different medias into customised bundles. Spotify, with its 15 million subscribers, evolved out of many preceding music hosting platforms, while Netflix’s 57 million members proves that people will pay for convenient accessibility to a mainstream database of movies and TV shows. [1][2]

But does the model work for magazines? For $9.99 per month, Magzter​ offers its​ subscribers unlimited access to a library of 2,000 titles on mobile and tablet. Or unlimited access to any five ...



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