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  • Is piracy still wrong if it doesn’t feel like it’s illegal?
  • Is piracy still wrong if it doesn’t feel like it’s illegal?
    Stanley Yuu (2014) ©

Popcorn Time: making piracy feel legal

We're as frugal with our time as we are with our money. So it's no surprise that we're neither prepared to pay for the cinema nor wait for films to leave the box office; piracy is rife. Popcorn Time – ‘the Netflix of piracy’ – is making illegal downloads feel more normal and less criminal than ever.

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People are pinching their pennies tighter than ever. Discount stores and flash sales sites are experiencing runaway success, while any industry targeting the everyman – from smartphone manufacturers to supermarkets to insurers – is seeing businesses compete in a high-speed race to the bottom.

And they’re as frugal with their time as they are with their money. 40% of Americans will give up on a mobile site that takes more than three seconds to load – literally three seconds – while more than half would rather leave a store than wait ...



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    In the summer of 2014, US box office figures were down 15%, and there were a string of spectacular film failures. The number of frequent moviegoers fell in every age group, but the biggest drop came from 18- to 25-year-olds. Has Netflix killed the blockbuster?

  • Article image Snowpiercer: a blockbuster straight to your bedroom

    Described as both a “revolution” and a “travesty”, the release of blockbuster dystopian movie Snowpiercer marks a tipping point in the industry’s shift from analog to digital. The film was launched in select cinemas before becoming available on video on demand just three weeks later. Could this mark the future of film distribution?

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    Netflix has 50 million subscribers, and it's offered in over 50 countries – but Australia isn’t one of them. So what do Australians do when they want to stream a movie? They do exactly the same as the rest of us, and watch Netflix – only they do it illegally.

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    From the NSA scandal to the ‘white lies’ people tell themselves, we sat down with acclaimed behavioural economist Dan Ariely to learn more about the driving forces behind dishonesty.