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  • Bargains beat quick delivery hands down
  • Bargains beat quick delivery hands down
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Jet: how low costs could beat high speed

It's been 21 years since Amazon launched, revolutionising the way people shop online. But with a business model that uses subscription fees and dynamic pricing to prioritise low prices over high-speed shipping, is online shopping club Jet set to overthrow the e-commerce giant?

Location United States

It's been more than two decades since Jeff Bezos founded Amazon with the intention of revolutionising the way people shop. Its namesake – the Amazon river – was not only “exotic and different” (as he intended the site to be), but also one of the biggest rivers in the world; a metaphor that Amazon would later live up to.

Now, the e-commerce market is due for another disruption, as mastermind entrepreneur Marc Lore sets his sights on an Amazon-scale success in the online shopping sphere. How? Purely and simply; by offering customers the lowest prices on the ...



  • Article image Zulily: flash sales for mom and the kids

    Mums are getting excited about flash sales site Zulily, and it’s not hard to see why. Constant discounts, 9,000 new items posted daily and ‘buy-it-now’ emails are selling them everything from yoga pants to fridge organisers, attracting four and a half million customers in five years. Will this success last?

  • Article image Instacart: delivering your weekly shop within the hour

    No one wants to wait. Whether it's for a pair of shoes you need for later tonight, the latest HBO series or a mechanic to fix your dodgy exhaust. On-demand is the new norm. For taxis, there’s Uber, for takeaway, there’s Just Eat, and now, for groceries in the US, there’s Instacart.

  • Article image Everlane: ‘Radical Transparency’ for savvy millennials

    Beautiful craftsmanship and fine fabrics aren't cheap, especially given the 800% markup between factory and shop floor. But now that US start-up Everlane is cutting the middle man to make ethical premium clothing affordable, its ‘radical transparency’ could really shake things up.

  • Article image 2015 Expert Outlook on Shopping

    How important is click and collect? What changes will supermarkets have to make to survive? How will shoppers become even more savvy? And which retailers are the ones to watch? As part of our Expert Outlook 2015 series we speak to three retail experts about the future of shopping.

  • Baby Boomers favour free shipping Baby Boomers favour free shipping

    Everyone loves saving that little bit extra when they shop. Marketers have a number of techniques at their disposal; free shipping, 10% off or BOGOF for example. Research shows that the discounts you are drawn to and prefer actually change with age.

  • Article image Tiger: the posh pound shop taking over the British high street

    Tiger, a Danish discount retailer with a difference, is winning over British shoppers with its irresistible formula of stylish, fun and cheap products. How has it managed to earn a reputation as the UK high street's most intriguing new ‘posh pound shop’?

  • Article image Delivering the future of shopping

    With convenient time slots and easy ordering, revolutionary same-day delivery service Google Shopping Express isn't delivering products, it's delivering free time.

  • Article image Everywhere shopping: Click & Collect delivers

    Informed shoppers want more choice and less hassle, creating new imperatives for retailers to offer the best of online, offline and mobile.