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  • Very Exclusive offers fnancially savvy fashion statements to the everygirl
  • Very Exclusive offers fnancially savvy fashion statements to the everygirl
    Very Exclusive (2015) ©

Very Exclusive: sensible spending for label lovers

For the everygirl who loves labels but can’t take on the price tags, Very Exclusive offers new access to high-end fashion. Democratising designers by offering payment by instalment, Sarah Curran’s start-up caters to the savvy shopper who wants to make a statement.

Location United Kingdom

“I wasn’t a head-to-toe catwalk, main-line girl,” says Sarah Curran, founder of now-defunct My Wardrobe. Her latest project is set to shake up online fashion retail. Her start-up Very Exclusive was created with a strong sense of the reality of “my life in terms of my commute, my son and my disposable income.” [1]

These are factors that resonate with style-conscious women. Fast fashion has enabled this group to be more creative than ever with their wardrobes, but statement pieces often hang on a price rail that’s just out of reach. Now, though, whether it’s ...



  • Very Exclusive makes luxury accessible Very Exclusive makes luxury accessible

    Paying in installments isn’t the most glamorous way to shop. But this business model, loved by catalogue shoppers, is getting a high-end makeover. Very Exclusive sells ‘entry-level luxury’ via a simple repayment system, to take the sting out of treating yourself.

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    Why are luxury brands losing their logos and going under the radar? How did the wealthy learn to share? Is a new luxury elite pricing everyone else out? And why has high fashion gone pop?

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    The ‘sharing economy’ has taken the travel industry by storm. Now, ‘collaborative consumption’ is going luxe. But what does this shift mean for luxury travel? Will exclusive clubs and networks formerly accessible only to the super-wealthy become the new norm?

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    As emerging economies transform the consumer base for high-end goods, luxury is moving out of range of all but the very richest. The fashion industry is rushing to fill the gap, as the notion of aspiration is remodelled to appeal to a diverse range of consumers – and budgets.