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  • Is the smile – as well as the waistline – wearing thin?
  • Is the smile – as well as the waistline – wearing thin?
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Is Barbie’s reign really over?

With her long blonde hair, tiny waist and pure pink wardrobe, Barbie is an icon. She may be only 11 and a half inches tall, but this cultural giant has occupied a prominent position in little girls’ toy boxes for over half a century. In 2014, Barbie was knocked off the top spot on most the popular girls’ toy list. But is Barbie’s reign really over?

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After decades of being every little girls' favourite playmate, Barbie has been put firmly back in her box. Between 2009 and 2013 Barbie dolls went from accounting for a quarter of all US toy sales, to just 19.6% of them. And in 2014 Barbie was knocked off the top spot on the most popular girls’ toy list. [1] Her nemesis? A charming blue ice queen with a complex sibling relationship. [2]

Disney’s Frozen dolls – also made by Mattel – are now at the top of every little girl's wish list, and the ...



  • Article image What makes a Gen Z ‘craze’?

    Generation Z has grown up with a smartphone in one hand and an iPad in the other. So how come a craze for weaving plastic bands has taken playgrounds by storm? Where yo-yos and football stickers have gone before, loom bands are the kids’ craze of 2014. What exactly makes a Gen Z craze?

  • Barbie is now on LinkedIn Barbie is now on LinkedIn

    As part of the launch of Entrepreneur Barbie, Mattel has created a LinkedIn profile for the iconic doll. With details about her 150+ past jobs (including swimsuit model and computer engineer) and inspiring thoughts for her 3700+ followers, Barbie is in the 18% best connected users.

  • A 'normal' Barbie doll A 'normal' Barbie doll

    Graphic designer Nickolay Lamm has created a plastic doll whose body shape is based on the average US woman's body. The doll contrasts the unrealistic and idealistic representation seen in more conventional plastic dolls like Mattel's Barbie range.

  • Article image Beautiful and Bald Barbie

    Can you ever remember Barbie facing any serious adversity? Well, in 2013, after a Facebook campaign, Barbie will find out her friend has cancer.