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  • Is the Moynat story the perfect fairytale?
  • Is the Moynat story the perfect fairytale?
    Julien Hery (2015) ©

Moynat: reawakening a luxury trunk maker

Moynat is a traditional French trunk maker that has been revived after 35 years lying dormant. Bags start at £4,000 and the company can’t keep up with demand. How is this old leather purveyor’s new mythology enchanting monied Parisians, high-rolling Londoners, Beyoncé and Pharrell Williams alike?

Location France

“Without heritage, there cannot be a traditional luxury brand,” says Arnaud de Lummen, director of Luvanis, an investment company that resurrects long-dormant luxury brands. Genuinely authentic heritage is arguably a brand’s most valuable asset in 2015, as luxury customers’ demand for credibility and legacy peaks. [1]

Powered by the theory of psychological priming – whereby what’s familiar is automatically favoured, trusted and perceived to be more valuable than what is unfamiliar or new – the heritage of long-established names strikes gold among the monied. [2] Realising that resonance with a high-end audience is ...



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    French know-how, heritage, and traditions are the essence of luxury. This expertise is acknowledged globally – nearly 85% of all French luxury goods are exported. But, with the rise of new markets such as China and Russia, is France still the world’s top reference for luxury?

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