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  • Bang & Olufsen plan to revolutionise how we listen to music
  • Bang & Olufsen plan to revolutionise how we listen to music
    Bang & Olufsen (2015) ©

BeoSound Moment: revolutionising home audio

Over 28 million people pay for a music subscription. The consumption of music has changed; Gen Y has experienced the rise of digital music downloads and the downfall of CDs. Bang & Olufsen is now aiming to streamline and personalise home listening with BeoSound Moment. But how?

Location Northern Europe

The number of people paying for subscription-based music services is now 28 million. The consumption of music has changed infinitely in just a few short years. Gen Y has experienced Napster, the rise of digital music downloads, the downfall of CDs, the dominance of the revolutionary iPod and iTunes music store. There’s been satellite radio, Internet radio, and increased download and upload speed, in a list of continuing developments. [1] Now BeoSound Moment, Bang & Olufsen’s revolutionary new sound system, is aiming to bridge the gap between the user and their numerous music sources. Through an intuitive ...



  • Article image Flic: simplifying technology with the push of a button

    It’s predicted that in 2015, one billion wireless Internet of Things devices will be shipped, and sales will be worth £6.5 billion. Swedish-designed Flic is angling for a slice of this market. But are our homes becoming tech-saturated, our gadgets gathering dust? Does Flic’s pitch resonate, or is a gadget to manage our gadgets the last thing we want?

  • Article image 2015 Expert Outlook on Technology

    Are Beacons going to be big? Will people actually start to wear smart watches? How will tablets develop and which technology brands are the ones to watch? As part of our Expert Outlook 2015 series we speak to three technology experts about the future of smartphones, gaming and technology in store.

  • YouTube's ad-free music subscription YouTube's ad-free music subscription

    Joining the likes of Spotify, Pandora and Beats Music, YouTube has launched a subscription service that lets people stream ad-free music videos and download them for offline use. The $10 monthly fee for Music Key also provides access to Google's Play All Access.

  • Google suggests music based on your mood Google suggests music based on your mood

    Spotify Radio creates a playlist based on a particular song, while Pandora recommends music based on what the listener already likes. To compete with these streaming services, Google Music has added a feature that suggests music based on the listener's mood.