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  • Experiences are becoming more valuable than possessions to UHNWIs.
  • Experiences are becoming more valuable than possessions to UHNWIs.
    Kaptain Karrot (2010) ©

How wealthy jet setters learnt to share

The ‘sharing economy’ has taken the travel industry by storm. Now, ‘collaborative consumption’ is going luxe. But what does this shift mean for luxury travel? Will exclusive clubs and networks formerly accessible only to the super-wealthy become the new norm?

Location North America / Northern Europe / Oceania

The ‘sharing economy’ has taken the travel and leisure industry by storm, figure-headed by the astronomical rise of companies like Airbnb and Uber. Now, this peer-to-peer model of ‘collaborative consumption’ is penetrating the luxury travel market. New companies and well-known brands alike are providing luxury travellers with the opportunity to share private jets and supercars and hire out boats, or even yachts. And in the sphere of luxurious villas and global getaways, we’re seeing a rise in exclusive membership clubs - allowing the world’s richest to rent, rather than own, in a greater diversity of ...



  • Article image Audi Unite: sharing a car, not just a ride

    Car experts think that Europe is already experiencing 'peak car'. With smartphones and the internet offering young people freedom, renting rather than owning feels more appropriate to free-wheeling Gen Y. Could Audi’s sharing scheme signal a turning point in the industry?

  • Article image The taste of Waldorf Astoria: luxury hotel food goes local

    With Far-Eastern tourists becoming more extravagant, and Western visitors searching for authenticity, luxury hospitality is undergoing a difficult transformation. The solution, for the Waldorf Astoria Group, is to offer a new gastronomic experience that celebrates the brand’s heritage yet offers a series of new iconic dishes to attract fine-dining travellers.

  • Article image Rent your digs, your Dior, and your dog

    From being accustomed to renting our homes, and that power drill you only need once, we now don’t mind renting a nail polish that someone else has already had their hands on, or not owning our washing machine. But why aren’t people so keen to own material possessions anymore?

  • Article image Local luxury with onefinestay

    At a time when comparison sites see hotels losing their spark, 'unhotel' service onefinestay allows well-heeled travellers to live like locals in luxurious surroundings.