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  • China’s population are heading to its cities faster than ever
  • China’s population are heading to its cities faster than ever
    Simon Bak (2012) ©

Tianjin Eco-City: a greener life for Chinese urbanites

The Chinese urban population is set to increase by 13 million every year between now and 2030. But with 95% of China’s cities falling short of environmental standards, the government is urgently seeking greener models for urban living. Will eco-cities be China’s cities of the future?

Location China

On a site half the size of Manhattan, Tianjin Eco-City is a testing ground for a new Chinese society, where quality of life and environmental concerns hang in balance with economic ones. A joint Singapore-China government initiative, Beijing has taken lessons from its neighbouring (and exceptionally clean) city-state in urban planning, environmental protection, resource conservation and sustainable development. [1]

Master-planned from scratch, Tianjin Eco-City is set to house 350,000 residents by 2030. The City’s energy-efficient apartments have been designed to green buildings standards with insulated walls, double-glazed windows and south-facing perspectives to maximise retention of ...