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  • Will the film industry have to embrace small screen distribution to survive?
  • Will the film industry have to embrace small screen distribution to survive?
    Pabak Sarkar, Creative Commons (2014) ©

Snowpiercer: a blockbuster straight to your bedroom

Described as both a “revolution” and a “travesty”, the release of blockbuster dystopian movie Snowpiercer marks a tipping point in the industry’s shift from analog to digital. The film was launched in select cinemas before becoming available on video on demand just three weeks later. Could this mark the future of film distribution?

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The popularity of digital platforms has irrevocably altered the entertainment industry. People can stream the latest Beyonce album on Google Play, watch an entire series of Orange is the New Black on Netflix, and stream The Hunger Games on Amazon Instant Video. And with the internet changing the way people consume content, the consumer is now at the centre of a new distribution model where businesses are adapting to these shifting habits, or else risking driving people into the arms of pirates.

Described as both a “revolution” and a “travesty” by people in the film world, the ...



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