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  • What has made Settlers of Catan such a success?
  • What has made Settlers of Catan such a success?
    Jay Williams, Creative Commons (2009) ©

The Brooklyn Strategist: playing board games in the digital age

Board games conjure up images of a bygone era, the annual Christmas Monopoly tournament or family holidays spent playing Snakes & Ladders. But in 2013 more money was raised on Kickstarter for tabletop games than video games. How has the digital world instigated nostalgia for the past?

Location Northern Europe / North America

What memories do board games conjure up for you? An annual Christmas Monopoly tournament? Competitive games of Scrabble on lazy Sundays? Or family holidays whiled away playing Snakes & Ladders against siblings?

Board games resonate differently with everyone, but in recent years they’ve been having a renaissance, forming parts of new experiences as well as distant memories. They’re even featuring in mass media – multiplayer board game Settlers of Catan makes an appearance in The Big Bang Theory and collaborative Ticket to Ride (a tabletop game set in turn-of-the-century Europe) can be seen on Moz’s ...



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