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  • Is the future of commuincation visual?
  • Is the future of commuincation visual?
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A sector snapshot for communications

How is tactile technology changing the way we communicate? Why has going off the grid never looked more appealling? Why do we want to speak to our doctors at the touch of a button? And have emoticons become a language that everyone can understand?

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With around 350 million photographs uploaded to Facebook each day, visual culture is in ascendancy. But in 2014, a different type of image was grabbing headlines: emojis.

Once a language spoken only by teenagers, now around one third of American mobile users use emojis on a daily basis. Emoticons are the most direct and unambiguous way to express emotion across long distances, and as we speak more through devices, they’re shifting the way the world communicates. According to the Global Language Monitor, the most used English word in 2014, was not actually a word at all, but an emoticon ...