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  • How will we be spending time indoors in 2015?
  • How will we be spending time indoors in 2015?
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2015 Expert Outlook on Home

Is 2015 the year we become DIY experts? What ways will digital devices continue to change the livingroom dynamic? Will we see a rise in ‘smart furniture’ and how will we cope living in shoe-box-sized apartments?

Location United Kingdom

How is home life changing? Victoria Harrison, the editor of Houzz UK, William Knight the show director of 100% Design and Deborah Chambers, professor of Media and Cultural Studies talk to Canvas8 about how the home will change and develop in 2015.





  • Article image Why are more people retiring to the city?

    “I would rather live in a cupboard in Soho than in a mansion in Surrey,” says 50-year-old Vishnia. Urban retirees are embracing life after work as a chance to learn and explore. And owning 80% of the UK's net personal wealth, they can afford to. But what’s driving them to the city?

  • Article image The Kitchen Library: borrowing bread makers and blenders

    With 425 sq ft apartments becoming the norm in North America, space is an issue. But as more people want to eat well, there's nowhere to put the juicer and sous-vide machine. The Kitchen Library in Toronto lets people rent kitchen equipment for a small fee, saving space and money.

  • Article image Houzz: renovating Australia’s DIY market

    Three in four Australian homeowners plan to decorate their digs in the next two years, and 41% plan to build an addition or renovate. Tapping into this national obsession, Houzz is a community of home renovators and professionals that's disrupting Australia's $30 billion DIY market.

  • Article image IKEA Urban: small stores for Hamburg’s busy city dwellers

    About 40% of Hamburg's 1.8 million residents don’t own a car, so IKEA has introduced its first ‘citystore’ – an urban little sister to its sprawling, out-of-town counterparts. It’s already more popular than any other German branch, but who is this inner-city store attracting?

  • Article image What does a Millennial’s home look like?

    In 2013, property prices in the UK increased by over 11%. Living spaces may be getting more expensive (and smaller) but new schemes aim to make houses better connected and personally serviced too. How are people and brands reacting to the changing nature of our homes?

  • Article image Lifestyle mortgage quiz: 27 questions away from owning a house

    How often do you get your hair cut? When was the last time you ate out? Do you subscribe to Netflix? Questions more akin to filling out online dating profiles will soon be asked by mortgage providers across the UK. But is it another case of a step too far for big data?

  • Article image Are smart homes a dumb idea?

    As you leave for work, you yell “lock” and “camera on” to keep the house secure, before telling your vacuum to clean the bedroom carpet while you're out. It's not a sci-fi film - the technology is available now. But do we really want our homes to be controlled by technology?

  • Article image Sharing, shopping and new family norms

    A struggling economy and tough job market have thrown adult generations back together under one roof. And retailers are adapting, creating experiences and mutual ground for all generations.