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  • What elements conjure up ‘Christmas imagery’?
  • What elements conjure up ‘Christmas imagery’?
    Jim Pennucci, Creative Commons (2010) ©

Unwrapping 2014’s Christmas adverts

From wistful penguins, to overworked mums and even trench warfare, this year's Christmas adverts tug at our heartstrings harder than ever. We sat down with Dr. Alex Gordon, semiotician and founder of Sign Salad to discuss the meaning behind the media magic.

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“Make someone happy” sings Jimmy Durante, as flakes of snow drift onto a London street and a gentleman hands a woman with a baby his umbrella. “Make just one someone happy” trills the crooner as an elderly husband surprises his wife with a disco-ball-lit living room, “And, you,” crucially, “will be happy too.”

For Coca-Cola the message is clear: at Christmas, it truly is the thought that counts.

But Coke wasn’t the only brand favouring giving over receiving. Canvas8 sat down with semiotician and Sign Salad founder Alex Gordon to discuss this year’s biggest Christmas ...



  • Leaving nobody behind at Christmas

    Leaving nobody behind at Christmas

    Believing that nobody should be alone at Christmas, IKEA has created a platform that connects guests with hosts, like Kitchensurfing for the festive period. If someone finds themselves alone, they can use the 'No Empty Chairs at Christmas' site.

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    Why is Harvey Nichols encouraging seasonal selfishness?

    Harvey Nichols’ special Christmas collection encourages people to buy “a little something” for their loved ones – so they can buy “a bigger something” for themselves.

  • Click-and-collect at Christmas

    Click-and-collect at Christmas

    More than a third of UK shoppers are planning on using click-and-collect services during Christmas 2013 – up 12% year-on-year. These services let customers shop on their own terms, cutting out online delivery costs and store opening time restrictions.

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    Christmas codes: advertising at the end of the year

    Christmas adverts have become as much a part of the festive season as mince pies, but behind the goodwill, lights and snow, what do 2012's adverts tell us about the meaning of Christmas?