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  • Is HP Sprout the future of the desktop computing?
  • Is HP Sprout the future of the desktop computing?
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HP Sprout: designing the creative desktop

In 2014 Apple laptop sales grew a steady 5%, while sales of PC’s decreased by 2%. Why would anyone buy a clunky desktop when tablets and laptops can be carried in your handbag? Can HP buck this trend with Sprout, a creative desktop that does away with a keyboard and a mouse?

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When you enter any coffee shop, classroom or creative agency, chances are that most people are working on laptops – Apple laptops to be precise. In 2014 Apple laptop sales saw a 5% increase each quarter, while in the same period sales of PC’s decreased by about 2%. [1] “Arguably, the only categories in which PCs currently win out over Macs are those in which Apple refuses to play, such as DIY rigs and gaming PC’s” suggests technology expert Sharif Sakr for Forbes. “PC makers have failed to come up with a single dominant product, ...



  • Article image Canva: turning everyone into a designer

    Everyone's an entrepreneur. Six blog posts are uploaded to WordPress every second, and 10,000 new businesses are registered each week in the UK. But who can afford a pro designer? Canva is democratising design – but can it really let ‘cottage industries’ compete with big business?

  • Article image Moleskine: the notebook brand gets a digital makeover

    When you think of pens, you might think of Parker. When you think of notes, you'll probably think of Post-it. And when you think of notebooks, you think of Moleskine. But how has the traditional paper brand managed to successfully reinvent itself in the digital age?

  • Creative hobbies can help us at work Creative hobbies can help us at work

    According to a new study, hobbies which allow our creativity to prosper are not only fun, but can help us perform better at work. When faced with demanding work, engaging in creative activities outside of work can help people recover from stress and be better at their job. 

  • Article image Software by subscription: will Adobe reign from the cloud?

    Adobe is taking a bold step onto the cloud. But with only 22% knowing what the cloud is, will flexible, tailored pricing models be enough to convince people they're getting value for money?