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A sector snapshot of Home

Why are more men are living alone? How is digital enchanting our domestic enviornment? And who’s behind the new commune movement? In our 2014 sector snapshot of Home, we round up the insights and innovations impacting​ design,​ architecture, ​appliances and household goods over the last six months.

Location Global

With more people moving into cities, shrinking living spaces drive a reassessment of what we have room for in our lives, but how does ​this impact our expectations of ​the​ amenities we rely on nearby?

Beyond smaller spaces, ​as urban life ​is increasingly ​dominated by ​single-person ​house​s - a t​rend​ ​driven by men​ -​ how are solo males ​challenging our ​conventions of ​domesticity as a feminine ​concept?

As the digital world transform​s​ our relationship with community​, is ​the ability to easily find likeminded people​ starting to bleed into how we ​define communities offline?

And as we ...