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  • Lana Del Rey is the undisputed queen of the fake-for-real mash-up
  • Lana Del Rey is the undisputed queen of the fake-for-real mash-up
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What does it mean to be ‘genuinely phoney’?

For years ‘authenticity’ was the holy grail of marketers and product innovators worldwide. But now, the Tumblr generation are redefining authenticity. In this mashed-up, copy-morph culture a new generation of consumers are calling bullshit on the old-school authenticity claim. And if ‘authenticity’ is passé, then what does it mean to be ‘genuinely phoney’?

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For years ‘authenticity’ was the holy grail of marketing and product innovation. Now, depending on whether you’re a BG’er (before Google) or AG’er (after Google), being authentic means two very different things. If you’re a BG’er, authenticity is synonymous with heritage and origin; if you’re a AG’er, it’s all about being ‘genuinely phoney.’

The Tumblr generation has abandoned authenticity in the traditional sense, organised itself into a motley crew of ‘brand bandits’ who call the shots with the brands that desperately try to engage them. But where does the concept of ‘genuinely phoney’ come from, what does it ...



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    Dolls Kill: sex, drugs and platform trainers

    Since 2011, Dolls Kill’s candy-coloured rebellious clothing has proved a hit with the Tumblr set, with sales reaching $7.5 million in 2013. But how has this brand managed to sell ‘bad acid trip’-inspired miniskirts by the bucket-load without any traditional marketing?

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    Are we all just a little too ironic?

    The hipster is defined as the embodiment of Postmodern Irony. But it's not the only group striving for leadership over pop culture; New Sincerity has been singled out as another ideology contender. Is there really a 'battle of the principles'? And how are adverts reflecting this?

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    Why teens would rather be internet famous

    One in three teens claim they could make money by creating YouTube videos. The success of social media stars like Bethany Mota shows that celebrity endorsements aren't influential as they used to be. Today's teens want inspiration from cool kids who could easily be their mates.

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    What does a cool kid look like?

    For today's youth, neo-tribalism is the new clique. Leaving blind conformity behind, these fast-moving, flexible cultures are a cocktail of affiliations and references, always shifting and reforming. But if everyone can be whoever they like, how do you know who’s in or out?