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  • Democratising design lets everyone become an entrepreneur
  • Democratising design lets everyone become an entrepreneur
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Canva: turning everyone into a designer

Everyone's an entrepreneur. Six blog posts are uploaded to WordPress every second, and 10,000 new businesses are registered each week in the UK. But who can afford a pro designer? Canva is democratising design – but can it really let ‘cottage industries’ compete with big business?

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The traditional way to create professional-looking visual content was to hire a graphic designer with the qualified skills to carry out the task. But this is expensive, and in the age of the ‘everyday entrepreneur’, everyone wants a website – without having to pay for the privilege.

A layout creation tool called Canva is looking to level the playing field of design and make the internet a more beautiful place by putting design into the hands of people with little to no design experience and making it easy for them.

“Design shouldn't be hard, but somewhere along ...



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