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  • Indian consumers want to look and feel good
  • Indian consumers want to look and feel good
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What does being healthy mean to urban Indians?

A decade ago, wellness in India was limited to hair and skin products that kept people looking young. Now, its health and beauty industry is expected to be worth $16 billion by 2015. How are India’s Gen X and Y combining nutrition, fitness and alternative therapy to both look and feel good?

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Looking good and feeling great! Personal wellness is the latest category to capture the minds and wallets of middle class urban Indians. Research estimates the Indian wellness industry will grow to $16 billion in 2015, a 40% increase from $11.4 billion in 2012. [1]

A decade ago, personal wellness in India was limited to taking care of your skin and hair to look youthful. But now, wellness is defined as the condition of good physical, mental and emotional health – especially when maintained by an appropriate diet, exercise, and other lifestyle modifications. [



  • Rewarding women for talking about periods

    Rewarding women for talking about periods

    Menstruation is not spoken about in India, and a lack of information is putting over 300 million women at risk. A campaign by feminine hygiene brand Whisper encourages women to talk about their periods, and rewards them for doing so.

  • ‘No Poo’ becomes popular in India

    ‘No Poo’ becomes popular in India

    The Western trend for not using shampoo to increase the cleanliness of hair is becoming more popular in India, due to the movement's celebrity following. But if ‘No Poo’ is catching on, then why do shampoo sales continue to rise by 14% every year?

  • Health-conscious Indians drink green tea

    Health-conscious Indians drink green tea

    From Assam to Darjeeling, India has long been associated with tea drinking. But while the tea category has stopped growing, green tea is bucking the trend. Fuelled by health-conscious Indians, demand for green tea is growing at 60% year-on-year.

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    Yoga for a new generation

    Yoga has a long religious history in India, but modern Indians are taking cues from the West and replacing spirituality with weight-loss and Instagram selfies. This once 'uncool' practice is fast becoming big business - but some fear the 'real' yoga is being left behind.

  • Mobile medicals in rural India

    Mobile medicals in rural India

    Hearing loss is one of the most common health problems in the developing world, but it’s highly preventable if diagnosed soon enough. Access to medical equipment is often a problem - but Medtronix uses mobiles to diagnose patients in the most underserved areas of rural India.

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    Keeping up with the Kapoors

    Today's young Indians aren't 'Indian' at all. They're global consumers with modern values and a growing desire for an international lifestyle. And the world is beginning to take note.

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    Deep beauty: doing good, looking good, feeling good

    Beauty brands are integrating cultural changes into new and refreshing ways of crafting a deeper narrative about what beauty might mean for the 21st century consumer.

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    Self-medication in India

    Many Indians self-medicate, but hyperawareness of health is now leading many to seek out a more holistic approach to wellbeing.