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  • Boomers are heading for the bright lights of the big city
  • Boomers are heading for the bright lights of the big city
    Lena Vasiljeva, Creative Commons (2013) ©

Why are more people retiring to the city?

“I would rather live in a cupboard in Soho than in a mansion in Surrey,” says 50-year-old Vishnia. Urban retirees are embracing life after work as a chance to learn and explore. And owning 80% of the UK's net personal wealth, they can afford to. But what’s driving them to the city?

Location Northern Europe / North America

The popular image of retirement is still a tame one. A nice house in the country, perhaps by the sea; a quiet life spent reading, cooking, or pottering in the garden. Back in 2009, a survey by Saga revealed that in England, 43% of over-50s planned to move away when they retired, with only 2% interested in moving to London. [1]

But this is changing fast – and for a growing number of retirees, it’s the city, not rural idylls, that’s proving the perfect place to relax at the end of a working life.



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