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  • Charity donations without admin costs
  • Charity donations without admin costs
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Charity donations without admin costs

When giving to charities, people want their money to go straight to the frontline, not be spent on paperwork. Unfortunately, these sorts of costs are fundamental to effectively running charities. Researchers have found a new model to solve this issue.



  • Article image Dollar a Day: ethical spread betting

    There are over 1.5 million charities in the US alone. We're bombarded by new campaigns and donation requests, both via Facebook and in the street – but it's hard to know who to give to. Dollar a Day lets people “spread their bets”, donating one dollar daily to a range of non-profits.

  • Article image Kiva: charity for generation crowdfund

    Gen Y is often labelled as narcissistic and entitled – yet in 2013, 87% of them gave to charity. Over 60% of Millennials have donated via their mobiles, and they want transparency and simplicity when doing so. Are charities paying enough attention to tomorrow’s philanthropists?

  • Article image Why we want our values to be visible

    From Just Giving Facebook updates to wearing H&M’s Conscious Collection, public displays of philanthropy have become a symbol of status. But does it really matter that these new do-gooders are motivated only by people seeing them do good if the outcome is still positive?

  • Article image Transparency and honesty from 'charity: water'

    In just five years, New York-based charity: water has raised nearly $50m. This has been achieved by emphasising transparency.