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  • Museums have come a long way from the ‘boring’ stereotype
  • Museums have come a long way from the ‘boring’ stereotype
    Dan Nguyen, Creative Commons (2012) ©

How museums became theme parks for learning

It’s easy to think that museums aren't relevant, but the success of the David Bowie exhibition at the V&A and the Matisse Cutouts show at the Tate Modern says otherwise. How is the museum evolving to meet the needs of people more interested in their smartphones than ancient artefacts?

Location Northern Europe / North America

The V&A’s David Bowie exhibition was even more of a hit than its organisers expected. Part pop-retrospective, part multi-disciplinary art exhibit with a technological focus, its London run was the fastest selling event in the museum's history. [1] When the show transferred to Chicago, it was seen by 150,000 in just over three months – a surge in sales so rapid that the gallery implemented a rock concert-style ticketing system with a waiting room in order to cope with demand. [2] Tate Modern enjoyed its own blockbuster in 2014 with its Matisse Cutouts ...



  • See The Tate through the eyes of a robot

    See The Tate through the eyes of a robot

    London’s Tate Britain Museum has launched a unique event that it hopes will attract a worldwide audience. Called ‘After Dark’, people will be able to remotely control a robot roaming around the museum in the dark, with the footage it captures being live-streamed on their website. 

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    Museum Hack: renegade tour guides

    Across the US, over a quarter of museums are seeing a decline in attendance. While some blame the recession, museum geek Mark Rosen has a more sobering reason – museums are run by dull people. Rather than complain, Rosen created his own work-around, and started the Museum Hack.

  • 3D-printed art you can touch

    3D-printed art you can touch

    Macquarie’s Museum of Ancient Cultures houses artefacts dating from the third millennium BCE, but visitors never get to touch the exhibits kept in glass cases. Can 3D laser printed replicas of ancient artefacts transform visiting museums and learning into hands-on experiences?

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    Education leaves the classroom

    As our society grows more complex, the educational landscape is becoming radically different. Our educational choices have multiplied exponentially, regardless of age, location or level, with the introduction of digital learning. But how effective are these new methods?