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  • Japan’s Gen Y are turning away from mainstream beer
  • Japan’s Gen Y are turning away from mainstream beer
    Takeshi Tanaka (2013) ©

Yo-Ho Brewing: craft beer for a Japanese palate

Beer consumption in Japan has declined from 7 billion litres in 2000 to just over 6 billion in 2014. Can microbrewery Yo-Ho Brewing shift people’s perceptions of handmade alcohol, and appeal to health-conscious youth with its Japanese tweaks on American craft beer?

Location Japan

When it comes to food and drink, people in Japan are renowned for their devotion to craftsmanship and unique handmade products. From fresh tofu skin to udon noodles, artisanal food is a significant part of the country’s cultural heritage. Yet when it comes to Japanese beer, the industry is dominated by Kirin, Sapporo and Asahi, which are all mass-produced lagers.

Inspired by US craft breweries, Yo-Ho is a Japanese microbrewery that’s shifting people’s perceptions of handmade beer. After drinking his first craft beer while he was an exchange student in the US, Yo-Ho’s founder Keiji Hoshino quickly discovered ...



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