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  • Now you can ask an expert about anything – wherever you are
  • Now you can ask an expert about anything – wherever you are
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Wait! What does your portable life coach say?

Does Google have all the answers? A new wave of premium mobile services don't think so. Connecting people with real-time advisors in everything from fashion to finance, innovators are creating a future where having a panel in your pocket, ready to offer support in one click, is the norm.

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“When people are uncertain, they don’t look inside themselves for answers,” says psychologist Dr Robert Cialdini. “The first thing they look to is authority: ‘What do the experts think?’” [1]

Within every culture there are specific positions that confer authority, whether it’s doctors for health or stylists for fashion. We turn to these people when we need answers. If you’re wealthy, you can afford a therapist, fitness instructor, style advisor, lawyer and financial advisor to inform your every decision – but for most people, a Google search will have to do.



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