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  • The craft spirits movement is taking off – but are big brands welcome?
  • The craft spirits movement is taking off – but are big brands welcome?
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Our/Vodka: drink the spirit of your neighbourhood

Our/Vodka is a spirits brand from Pernod Ricard that's distilled in select cities and made by local producers. But how can the same company that produces 11.3 million cases of Absolut sit alongside indie distilleries? And are people willing to buy ‘local’ from a global giant?

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Craft beer is an established phenomenon, accounting for 15.6 million barrels of beer sold in the US alone. [1] But could craft spirits be catching up? Vodka is the world’s second-largest spirits category, and accounts for 30% of all spirits sold in the US. [2] While the word ‘craft’ conjures up images of painstakingly handmade creations, there's a worry that what was once a sign of indie-ness has become nothing more than a branding strategy.

The 'craft' aesthetic is an invaluable stamp of authenticity and coolness. So it’s no surprise that global ...



  • Article image Why we want our gin and vodka to be craft

    Around 90% of people worldwide consider spirits to be an affordable luxury. No longer is drinking vodka, rum and gin just a means of intoxication – it's an experience to be savoured. But with the definition of ‘craft’ unclear, is it becoming little more than a marketing tag?

  • Article image Distill Ventures: bottling the craft spirits movement

    Just like beer before it, spirits are getting the craft treatment. Tapping into the emphasis on quality over quantity, Diageo has launched an accelerator programme to raise the next generation of craft distilleries. But why isn’t Diageo just creating its own premium brand?

  • Article image Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey: sugar and spice for young female drinkers

    Flavoured whiskies are the fastest-growing segment in the bourbon industry, accounting for nearly 75% of whisky growth in 2012. And people are clamouring for cotton candy-flavoured vodka and cinnamon-spiked rum too. But who are these sugar-sweet variants targeted at, and is it more than a passing fad?

  • Article image Retromania: how Hendrick's invented a vintage brand

    'Vintage' used to imply authenticity – but it's now being applied more liberally. Hendrick's gin is a brand without heritage that feels inherently authentic just by virtue of association.