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  • Why are young Indian adults taking up travelling?
  • Why are young Indian adults taking up travelling?
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What’s driving India’s Gen Y to travel?

India’s travel and tourism industry is set to grow by over 7% in 2014, with more Indian youths realising their dream to see the world. Once a distant aspiration, holidays are now a tangible reality that urbanites will pay for. But what motivations are driving their travel plans?

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Travel and tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in India. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, it’s predicted to grow by 7.3% in 2014 – more than three times the expected growth rate of the general economy. [1]

One of the segments responsible for this growth is the digitally-savvy urban youth. A survey on spending habits among 18- to 25-year-olds across 13 cities showed that 41% of male and female youth spend more than Rs 1,000 a month on holidays – just behind clothes and accessories among women ...



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    Flight Tonight: last-minute trips for spontaneous travellers

    Last-minute holidays account for around £26 billion annually, while one in three in the UK thinks they have a “spontaneous personality”. Can Flight Tonight, an app that offers the cheapest flights departing at nearby airports in just a few hours, cater to these risky travellers?

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    How hotels are being redesigned for Gen Y

    While luxury brands move away from the ‘stuffy’ traditions, a new breed of hotels that spans the entire price spectrum is competing to meet the needs of the digitally dependent Millennials. But how is such a long-standing industry redefining itself to meet the needs of Gen Y?

  • Indians buy flight tickets on their mobiles

    Indians buy flight tickets on their mobiles

    Searching for a bargain flight, Indian travellers are moving from desktops to apps for flash-sale, impulse-buy tickets. SpiceJet, India’s second largest airline, has been offering competitive promotional schemes, with over a dozen offers in the first half of 2014.

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    Perfiniti: putting love to the test in India

    Nearly 70% of Indian marriages are arranged by relatives, but matchmaking has gone online – where the profiles of potential partners can be pored over in detail. Perfiniti assesses the compatibility of potential couples. But will it prove popular with Indians looking for love?

  • India moves away from motorised transport

    India moves away from motorised transport

    Delhi is ranked as one of the most polluted and populous cities in the world by international organisations, so traffic is often a problem. Now, urban planning experts say there is a need to promote sustainable public transport in the capital.

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    Why Indians will put anything on credit

    India was once a cash economy governed by middle-class values. If you didn’t have it, you didn’t spend it. Thanks to credit cards and a young generation that expect the finest things in life, India has a debt problem. But what opportunities can ‘putting it on credit’ bring?

  • India's small-towners enjoy luxury travel

    India's small-towners enjoy luxury travel

    India is a fast-growing outbound travel market, though research suggests that much of that growth comes from an unlikely source. Holiday IQ, India's largest tourism information portal, predicts that 55% of travel spend will come from people who live outside of cities.

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    Holidays without the sun, sand and sea

    The stereotypical image of a holiday masks a much larger variety of desires, states of mind, emotions and personal interests. How much do we still identify with white sands and blue sea?