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  • Millennials aren’t really interested in ‘traditional’ hotels
  • Millennials aren’t really interested in ‘traditional’ hotels
    Los Angeles Times (2014) ©

How hotels are being redesigned for Gen Y

While luxury brands move away from the ‘stuffy’ traditions, a new breed of hotels that spans the entire price spectrum is competing to meet the needs of the digitally dependent Millennials. But how is such a long-standing industry redefining itself to meet the needs of Gen Y?

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Millennials’ tastes and preferences are radically different from previous generations – so to meet their needs, the hotel industry is transforming its approach to hotel design and guest interaction. “Generation X-age and younger comprise 70% of the working population and will represent 87% of the workforce by 2024,” says a Marriott representative, affirming that Millennials are a key consumer group, both now and in the decades to come. [1]

Global chains like Marriott and Premier Inn, alongside smaller boutique hotels, are creating bespoke brands aimed directly at this market. They’re drastically overhauling every element of ...



  • Millennials are going on un-cruises Millennials are going on un-cruises

    The cruise industry is currently worth $37 billion. The cliché that these ‘floating malls’ only appeal to newlyweds or senior citizens is backed by the fact that only 7% of cruisers are Millennials. Can a company called Un-Cruise Adventures lure younger travellers aboard?

  • Get room service delivered by a robot Get room service delivered by a robot

    At the Aloft Hotel in California there's no need to go to the front desk if you need an extra towel; a robot butler will bring it to you. The creators, Savioke, want to develop technology that improves our lives - but at what point do we cease to need a human presence?

  • Checking in to the Google Glass Hotel Checking in to the Google Glass Hotel

    Google Glass has a rather shaky reputation; the word ‘glasshole’ seems to enjoy wider usage than the product itself. But while some venues have banned Glass, others are embracing it - like the LeDomaine hotel in Spain, which offers a Glass-enabled stay.

  • Article image Au Fur et à Mesure: go on an emotional journey

    Luxury French travel service Au Fur et à Mesure is rethinking the answer to ‘where should I go on holiday this year?’ with a visual and emotional approach that's tailored to specific demographics, life events, and emotional goals – but is it a success?

  • Article image Holidays without the sun, sand and sea

    The stereotypical image of a holiday masks a much larger variety of desires, states of mind, emotions and personal interests. How much do we still identify with white sands and blue sea?

  • Article image Four Seasons pin down personalised travel

    Impersonal, generic guidebooks are a thing of the past. Four Seasons is curating unique, personalised travel recommendations on Pinterest, extending its culture far beyond its physical walls.

  • Article image How Marriott Hotels are checking-in with the self-sufficient generation

    The traditional hotel star rating doesn't work for Millennials, but Marriott International is rethinking their business model in a $60m rebrand that focuses entirely on the Gen Y mindset.

  • Article image How Hilton plans to kill off room service

    Hilton Hotels are killing off room service. In a climate where controlling costs is essential, how can upmarket brands retain their prestige?