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  • Can collaborative consumption beat price discrimination?
  • Can collaborative consumption beat price discrimination?
    Daniel Foster, Creative Commons (2014) ©

ShopandBox: get a local price from anywhere in the world

Australian shoppers pay up to 35% more than their international counterparts for items from retailers like Topshop, Gap and IKEA. In response, ShopandBox gives the power back to consumers. But do people really want the hassle of dealing with a third party when ordering online?

Location Australia

While the global online marketplace has undergone significant innovation and transformation over the last decade, it’s still plagued by two key issues; price discrimination and product availability. [1] ShopandBox claims to solve both these issues simultaneously by allowing customers to shop from literally any online or brick-and-mortar store across nine countries, choosing exactly what they want to buy and how much they want to pay for it.

With a focus on the frustrated Australian consumer who is subject to arbitrarily higher prices at the hands of international retailers, ShopandBox hopes to alleviate the high costs ...



  • Article image Shoes of Prey: design your dream shoe

    In just five years, Shoes of Prey customers have personalised over 10 million pairs of shoes, from ballet flats to gladiator heels, and annual revenue is nearing $10 million AUD. But what makes designing your own pair of snakeskin peep-toe wedges so appealing to Australian women?

  • ‘Snack shop’ on eBay in Australia ‘Snack shop’ on eBay in Australia

    eBay is one Australia’s largest online shopping sites, with over 7.3 million unique users. Looking to capitalise on the shrinking attention span of its customers, the company has announced ‘5 Minute Sales’ - an hour of timely, big discounts every Sunday night.

  • ShopandBox is peer-to-peer shopping ShopandBox is peer-to-peer shopping

    ‘Buy anything, anywhere, cheaper’ is ShopandBox’s mantra. This Australian start-up lets shoppers buy items that are either unavailable or far more expensive in their country. They do this with the help of 'Boxers' - personal shoppers local to the country. 

  • Article image Seoul Sharing City: borrow from your neighbours

    Seoul has embraced peer-to-peer businesses and become the sharing economy’s model city. Now, the Sharing City initiative is turning it into a blueprint for city governance. But what makes Seoul ideal for this experiment? And what’s really driving Koreans to embrace sharing?

  • E-commerce powers fraud in Australia E-commerce powers fraud in Australia

    Fuelled by the rise of internet shopping, credit card fraud in Australia has doubled since 2010 – now amounting to AUS $200 million. According to data from the Australian Payments Clearing Association, most fraud is occurring online rather than with lost or stolen cards.

  • Online shopping: now with instant returns Online shopping: now with instant returns

    Buying clothes online is great. Until you find out they don’t fit and the nearest post office is miles away. Not the case with Jeansonline.com though, who’ll leave a courier waiting outside while you decide if you want to keep your new purchase, or return it on the spot.

  • Article image Sass & Bide: stepping inside the world of fashion

    Australian women’s fashion retailer Sass & Bide launched its Spring 2014 campaign with the world’s first interactive, shoppable ‘3D’ advert, FREETOWN. But as digital and luxury continue to merge, will it dilute or magnify exclusivity?

  • Article image A cultural snapshot of Australia

    Are Australians still beach mad? How is the face of the average Aussie changing? In our 2014 / 2015 cultural snapshot of Australia, we demystify cultural myths, shed light on the country’s economic outlook, and explore the emerging and established trends across eleven sectors.