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  • Consumers often have a love-hate relationship with bread
  • Consumers often have a love-hate relationship with bread
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Bakers Delight Healthy Loafstyle: bread in the age of gluten-free

In Australia, one in five women feel guilty when eating bread, and almost 40% would enjoy eating bread more often if healthy alternatives were more accessible. In August 2014, Bakers Delight introduced its ‘Healthy Loafstyle’ – a range of ‘health-orientated’ bread.

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People’s relationship with bread shifts from ‘basic food staple’ to ‘enemy number one’ every few years. [1] In 2013, bread consumption decreased in both the UK and US. [2] Perceptions of bread were damaged by its association with weight-gain, a correlation which has been magnified by the popularity of extreme carb- and gluten-free diets touted by celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Kim Kardashian.

In Australia, bakery brand Bakers Delight conducted a study that found one in five Australian women feel guilty when eating bread, but almost 40% would enjoy eating bread more ...



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