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  • Dolls Kill has turned bad behaviour into a fashion cult
  • Dolls Kill has turned bad behaviour into a fashion cult
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Dolls Kill: sex, drugs and platform trainers

Since 2011, Dolls Kill’s candy-coloured rebellious clothing has proved a hit with the Tumblr set, with sales reaching $7.5 million in 2013. But how has this brand managed to sell ‘bad acid trip’-inspired miniskirts by the bucket-load without any traditional marketing?

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The candy-coloured rebellion of Dolls Kill has proved a hit with the Tumblr set. The web-only fashion brand has gone from quirky start-up to serious e-commerce threat – and it’s done it by ignoring traditional marketing in favour of building a brand almost exclusively on social media.

With its growing army of engaged young female consumers, what can other brands learn from the site selling miniskirts inspired by “bad acid trips, underground counterculture and stylised gutter punks” by the bucket-load?





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