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  • Would you give half your salary away to charity?
  • Would you give half your salary away to charity?
    Andrew Stawarz, Creative Commons (2012) ©

80,000 hours: career coaching for ethically minded go-getters

Over 70% of students think having a job where they can make an impact is essential to their happiness, but many people joining the workforce are under a lot of financial strain. Can career-coaching organisation 80,000 Hours convince ethically minded Millennials to ‘earn to give’?

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When Millennials pull together a CV to apply for a job, it tends to include the things they’ve achieved and are most proud of. Extra-curricular activities like being captain of the school basketball team; details of their top university grades, and a list of the obscure companies they’ve interned at usually make an appearance.

But a new section is becoming an increasingly important part of young people’s résumés – volunteer, charity or social work. While this may be about standing out in a tough job market, it’s also a reflection of young people’s shifting attitudes towards what they ...



  • Article image Why we want our values to be visible

    From Just Giving Facebook updates to wearing H&M’s Conscious Collection, public displays of philanthropy have become a symbol of status. But does it really matter that these new do-gooders are motivated only by people seeing them do good if the outcome is still positive?

  • Article image Why are young people only political on Facebook?

    Young Brits are politically minded. 70% think social media should be used for social change, and a quarter are highly knowledgable about politics. Yet only 12% would definitely vote in a general election. Why are they so disillusioned? And is engaging via social media the answer?

  • Social media as an effective charity tool Social media as an effective charity tool

    Lying in his hospital bed, terminally ill teenager Stephen Sutton shared a photo on Facebook for his final week. A week later, he is still alive and has raised over £3 million for charity, showing the powerful effect of telling a personal story through social media.

  • Article image One Hope Wine: helping the world, one glass at a time

    Sometimes there’s nothing better than indulging yourself. But as the desire to do good with minimal effort spreads, people are looking for that perfect medium between self-indulgence and selflessness. Enter One Hope Wine, part of California’s growing ‘cause brand’ trend.

  • Article image The new age of armchair philanthropy

    People are willing to show support for social causes – provided they don't have to do much - and brands are finding new ways to tap into the strength of the herd. By re-engineering menial actions – from buying body lotion to having sex – there are ways to reward everyone.

  • Article image Cause comparison: shopping for values?

    By seamlessly enabling online shoppers to donate as they spend, Give as you Live is activating a new market of donors, while freeing them from buyer's remorse.

  • Article image Hidden charity at Paper & Cup

    Paper & Cup is a café-bookshop that, unbeknown to most, is a social enterprise for former drug addicts. With plenty of competition, why does the shop make no mention of its virtues?

  • Article image Kony 2012: Hollywood charity

    Kony 2012 achieved 100 million views in under one week, becoming the first viral video in history to do so.