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  • How has coconut water become so popular worldwide?
  • How has coconut water become so popular worldwide?
    Dustan Sept, Creative Commons (2011) ©

Vita Coco: the appeal of ‘nature’s soda’

Marketed as 'nature’s Gatorade', Vita Coco has become popular way beyond the gym. It has a 60% market share in the US, and over 90% in the UK, where it’s the fastest-growing non-alcoholic drinks brand. But just how did Vita Coco turn coconut water into a global phenomenon?

Location North America / Northern Europe

“Some say it’s like putting a straw in a coconut,” claims Vita Coco’s website. [1] Launched in the US in 2004, the brand has been instrumental in raising the profile of the coconut water industry. Presented as ‘nature’s Gatorade,’ but marketed way beyond the gym, Vita Coco wants to remind people that “hydration is important no matter what you do. Go ahead, get hydrated and remember that life is a sport.” And the message seems to be sinking in – the brand has a 60% market share in the US, and over 90% in the UK, ...



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    What does a digital foodie eat?

    Digital is transforming how we eat. Anyone with a kitchen and a camera can take a picture, upload it and watch it spread in seconds. With millions of recipes and thousands of bloggers, nutritionists, and chefs at our fingertips, how is 'always on' information shaping our diet?

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    Yoga for a new generation

    Yoga has a long religious history in India, but modern Indians are taking cues from the West and replacing spirituality with weight-loss and Instagram selfies. This once 'uncool' practice is fast becoming big business - but some fear the 'real' yoga is being left behind.

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    Why Vitamin Water will be hot in 2015

    Using Twitter to offer career-anxious graduates access to hard-to-breach industries, Vitamin Water is connecting its audience with new generation of rising talent.

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    A bite to drink? Mamma Chia's take on snacking

    With diet-conscious consumers looking for quick and healthy snack options, drinkable foods like Mamma Chia's organic seed juices are bridging the gap between categories.