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  • Are cigarette alternatives really any ‘healthier’?
  • Are cigarette alternatives really any ‘healthier’?
    Audun Bakke Andersen (2007) ©

Snus: a growing addiction to a cleaner craving

Could a 700-year-old Swedish tobacco product that's placed under the top lip replace e-cigarettes as the next smoking alternative? About 1 million Swedes use snus daily, and it's becoming popular in the US too. What does it reveal about the changing demands of tobacco consumers?

Location Northern Europe / North America

A legal drug that’s claimed to be as difficult to kick as heroin has been popular in Sweden since the 1700s, and its usage is now growing in the US. [1] Snus is a nicotine-filled moist tobacco that’s placed under the upper lip, and it’s used by about 1 million Swedes daily. Over 80% of snus users are men, and over 25% of men and 6% of women consider themselves casual users. [2]

Smokeless tobacco is also on the rise in the US, especially among young Americans – over 8% of 12th ...



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