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  • The social stigma attached to living alone is dissolving
  • The social stigma attached to living alone is dissolving
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Why men are going solo

Nearly 30% of both UK and US households are single. And of those aged 25-44, there are more than twice as many men living alone as women. It's been described as the greatest social change since the baby boom, but how are brands responding to all these men choosing to ‘go solo’?

Location Northern Europe / North America

The average household has undergone a transformation in the past 50 years. While back in 1970, just 17% of US households were made up by one person, that figure now stands at 28%. And of these households, 14 million consist of men living alone. [1] And with attitudes toward living alone changing, these figures are only expected to grow. The rise of single living has been described as the greatest social change since the baby boom, but what impact is it having? [2] And how are brands responding to this shift?



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